Passing a Balanced Budget that Reflects our Values

Having spent her career working in human rights and service to those in need, Jennifer knows firsthand the devastating consequences of the state’s failure to fund services during the two-year budget impasse that devastated critical human services and state institutions. Jennifer will stand up to politicians who want to balance the budget on the backs of the middle class and fight to pass a responsible budget that protects funding for services that families depend on.

Supporting a Fair Tax Plan

Big corporations and the ultra-wealthy have rigged the rules to their benefit, using campaign donations and lobbyists to get special tax breaks while keeping wages low for middle-class families. Jennifer supports a progressive income tax for Illinois that will force billionaires and the ultra-wealthy to pay their fair share, while providing relief for the middle class.

Access to Quality Health Care

Every year, 40 thousand children are born with heart conditions and other serious illnesses. Extreme politicians and insurance companies want to deny them and millions of others with pre-existing conditions access to care. Jennifer will fight for new protections that rein in skyrocketing costs that require insurers to provide care for all Illinois residents, regardless of what Washington does.

Fighting for World-Class Schools

Illinois’ school funding system ranks last in the nation, denying students opportunities and burdening homeowners with high property taxes. Jennifer supports investing more in education at every level—from our local elementary schools to our first-rate institutions of higher education.

Protecting Women’s Rights

Extreme politicians are pushing an agenda across the country that puts women under attack. Jennifer will stand up to extremists and fight for equal pay, protect funding for Planned Parenthood, and ensure access to critical medical services like birth control and cancer screenings.

Advocating for Environmental Health

Through her experience studying international treaties and agreements, Jennifer learned the importance of strong state-protections that help protect our environment in the absence of leadership at the federal level. She supports the implementation of the Future Jobs Energy Act to help stimulate job creation with energy efficiency programs, improve our clean energy economy and preserve low energy rates for consumers.

Protecting Dreamers

A second-generation American, Jennifer has devoted her career to fighting for refugee children and survivors of human trafficking. She is outraged by Donald Trump’s extreme agenda and will be a strong voice for comprehensive immigration reform that keeps families together and provides immigrant children with a pathway to citizenship.

Keeping our Families Safe

Tragic mass shootings like those in Las Vegas and Sandy Hook were carried out by using deadly, military-style assault rifles. Jennifer opposes the NRA and their extreme agenda. She will fight for common-sense gun laws to keep our communities safer, including universal background checks and bans on military-style assault rifles and devices used to make semi automatic weapons fully-automatic.